Renewable Energy

TILT Energy operates a business model that is centered around the importance of diversity; diversity in generation type, geography and lifecycle stage which will provide stable, long term returns for our shareholders.The projects that we carry out for our clients typically provide the overall society benefit of securing the supply of energy, reducing climate impact, improving energy efficiency and countering resource scarcity. We place a strong focus on improving performance and reducing costs in all phases of our projects, from capital to operation and maintenance costs. Our energy team provides expertise on the full spectrum of energy technologies and all parts of the value chain from production over transmission to distribution. We assist our clients on all aspects of a project, ranging from planning to engineering design, to long-term operation and maintenance. Below is a list of our unique services that make our qualities and expertise in delivering top notch renewable services, that meet and exceed client’s satisfaction. To include;

  • EMS DesignOur intelligent energy management system defines the future with the adoption of smart technologies that monitor the operation of major systems involved in the complex design systems of buildings and facilities of all types. It is important that we ensure that we provide sustainable designs for buildings and facilities, owners can enjoy tremendous cost savings by proactively improving energy efficiency while protecting the environment in a number of ways.
  • Solar EnergyWith increasing fuel costs and epileptic power supply, switching to solar gives your home or business affordable reliable 24 Hours power. TILT Energy’s’ expertise stems across having extensive solar development, project and asset management experience coupled with the ability to execute on complex financial structures readily in various local and global markets. Our highly talented team possesses extensive and successful track record in project development, EPC management and maintains distinguished partnerships with multi-national companies that complements our professional intuition. With its team’s comprehensive and far-reaching experience, Tilt Energy is uniquely positioned to achieve its mission of becoming one the world’s largest renewable energy companies with operations across various continents.


  • Hydroelectric and IPPsThe most familiar type of hydroelectric power solution is generated by a system in which dams are constructed to store water in a reservoir. When released, the water flows through turbines to produce electricity. At Tilt Energy, our seasoned experts combine expertise, knowledge and allocated resources to demonstrate competence on huge potential projects in order to deliver sustainability to the economy.