Strategic Procurement

With vastly different pressure, temperature, structural, and fluid characteristics, no two reservoirs behave the same. That’s why it’s crucial to create a customized cement formulation and a unique pumping strategy for each well. The result is improved zonal isolation, better sheath resiliency, and enhanced well integrity. We combine well site delivery equipment with down hole cement slurry technology to optimize cement slurry placement, mitigate gas migration and enhance zonal isolation. Our services include laboratory testing, precise blending at the bulk plant and dependable mixing and pumping operations at the well site. By utilizing the latest modeling software, Tilt Energy cementing engineers design all elements of your job, from mud displacement to flow dynamics to pumping schedules. Then we work with you to execute that model to perfection, always with the goal of achieving the highest levels of efficiency, safety and success. Our specialists services offered include:
  • Drilling & Completion Fluids Management
  • Cementing
  • Rig-site Construction, Supervision and Maintenance
  • Well Completion and Remediation
  • Integrated reservoir description (IRD)
  • Pipelines/Flowline Construction, Repair and Maintenance